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Top SEM agencies in Madrid

Agencies and consultants in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in Madrid

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is paid advertising on search engines, whether it be Google or any other type of search engine. It is a discipline of marketing that requires professional expertise to achieve quick results (which is one of the main advantages of SEM) and as cost-effective as possible.

To achieve this, you would need to hire one of the best SEM agencies in Madrid, and to facilitate your choice, we have compiled a selection of some of the best ones in the capital, so that your search can be quick and efficient. The primary criterion for selection is the opinions of their clients on social media and the online reputation of these agencies.

List of the best SEM (Search Engine Marketing) agencies in Madrid


Search Engine Marketing
Address: C. de la Ribera del Loira, 46, Edificio 2 Bajos
28042 Madrid
Contact Phone: 910 05 21 75

Search Engine Marketing is an agency specializing in marketing through digital media, with a focus on search engine engineering. With over 10 years in the market, they have gained insight into how search engines work to create successful campaigns that position brands to achieve commercial goals for organizations. SEOCOM is a leading SEM company in the Spanish market, with over 300 clients trusting their team of professionals, and Google certifying them as a Premier Partner. SEOCOM has strong values and innovative strategies that set them apart from other agencies in the market. They constantly strive to renew themselves to adapt to new changes in technology and methods of information dissemination.

Estudio Branding waka

Campaigns SEM, CPC, CPA, CPL …
Address: C. Sepúlveda, 3 – La Ermita Shopping Center
28011 Madrid
Contact Phone: 911 72 72 04

The professionals at Waka have extensive experience in Adwords, Google’s marketing management platform. They use the tools of this search engine to attract users to their clients’ websites and promote positive results in business operations. This SEM agency in Madrid has a team with a long track record, who have worked with clients of all sizes and from various sectors. For Waka, the bigger the challenges, the more attractive their projects are; they always aim to position themselves where other brands or companies have not reached. At Waka, they plan and study the market dynamically to execute campaigns effectively and with a high success rate.


A Premium Google Ads Service
Address: P.º de la Castellana, 43
28046 Madrid
Contact Phone: 911 23 53 50

Eskimoz is a comprehensive marketing agency capable of meeting any advertising need of its clients. This agency emphasizes closeness and empathy towards its clients; therefore, when they start a project, they study every detail of the market and its relationship with the client. This way, they can generate fabulous campaigns and provide advice to correct any aspects that organizations may not be considering to reach their customers. Quality and transparency in the services provided by Eskimoz have become part of their business philosophy. Their clients are numerous and are a testament to the effectiveness they can achieve during their advertising campaigns.

Marketing Paradise

The Perfect Team for Your Digital Challenges
Address: C. las Fábricas, 8, Office 204
28923 Alcorcón, Madrid
Contact Phone: 669 29 40 90

When you enter the Marketing Paradise website, you’ll notice something different, it feels like you’re having a conversation with a friend. This is what Marketing Paradise is for its clients, a loyal friend who will guide them on the steps to achieve wonderful positions in the market. Marketing Paradise has been in the market for a decade; it’s a young company but one of the most promising in the Madrid market. They like to understand the moment, the markets, and the opportunities. Their ideas are always brilliant, and their SEM positioning is one of the most valued agencies in Madrid.


SEM Positioning – Search Engine Marketing
Address: C. de los Pajaritos, 12
28007 Madrid
Contact Phone: 910 27 96 87

Marketinhouse is a very striking Google Partners specializing in SEM and Adword marketing. Marketinhouse follows all of Google’s guidelines for optimization, management, and administration of advertising campaigns on the Internet. Google is a search engine that manages more than 90% of web traffic on the Internet, and having the endorsement of this giant is synonymous with being one of the best in the advertising segment. Marketinhouse creates high-quality campaigns, where aspects such as the care and supervision of Adwords accounts are fundamental, with the intention of providing favorable campaigns with a profitable and transparent CPC and CPL margin.

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Why do SEM?

SEM represents one of the best allies to increase the web traffic to your page. This way, your brand, product, service, or activity will gain greater visibility and can convert more sales or gain followers who sympathize with the organization’s model. The main benefit of SEM is rapid positioning in search engines. Compared to other methods of search engine positioning, SEM represents a reduced time investment, as your page can be in the top positions of Google search from the moment the advertising campaign begins. In seasons like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day, SEM campaigns are very effective and help to quickly position themselves against millions of pages competing for the top spots in Google search engines.

General tips to improve SEM

  • Select a geographical area for your campaign: you probably want your products to be visible to the entire Spanish market, but are your products available throughout Spain? If you select a large geographical area, you will have more unnecessary clicks than by selecting only the geographic location where your products are marketed. This way, your campaigns will be more profitable and effective.
  • Multiple groups and ads in one campaign: keywords are one of the most important factors for search engines, but in a single ad, it may not be possible or aesthetic to add multiple terms that may be associated with user searches. Creating multiple groups and ads will help capture more leads associated with searches that include your keywords targeted at potential customers.
  • Choose keywords with modern keyword planning tools.
  • Use Google Trends to discover what people are searching for on the Internet.
  • Use natural language, as many searches are conducted through AI tools via voice command.
  • Study the performance and evolution of your campaign by associating Adwords with your Google Analytics account.

SEO vs. SEM: What each one is for

SEO is a type of organic positioning achieved through the optimization of various aspects of the website, including fundamental aspects such as keywords, content quality, content authenticity, page loading speed, ease of content indexing, and other aspects that allow search engines to recognize and classify your page’s content. It is worth noting that achieving 100% optimization of a website may require time and a team of experts working on it day by day. When a page has achieved a high level of quality, Google will reciprocate and give it a special place in search results. However, it is important to consider that millions of pages compete to be the best, and achieving a top position can be difficult.

With SEM (Search Engine Marketing), everything is different; it is a paid positioning that is oriented towards localized and time-based campaigns. In SEM, the quality of the ads is valued; it is necessary for the ads to have information that can be indexed for effective positioning, but it is not as complex as optimizing a website 100%. With SEM, campaigns can be tailored; you can choose where they will be disseminated, at what time, and on what days.

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