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Private Schools in Madrid

Best Private schools in the city of Madrid

We have compiled this list of some of the best private schools in Madrid by analysing their reputation as educational centres. To do this, we have analysed the average number of passes in the entrance exams of each school, the opinions of students, parents and former students on social networks and on the websites of the schools themselves.

With this information we present a list of the best private schools in Madrid so that your children’s education is as good as possible and to prepare them for the future.

List of the best privateschools in Madrid

Aravaca International School

Bilingual, private, co-educational, and secular school
Address: C. Sta. Bernardita, 3
28023 Madrid
Contact Phone: 913 57 12 56

Aravaca International School stands out as a bilingual, private, and secular center in Madrid. It is recognized as an IB World School, offering programs such as the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and aiming to implement other International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. In addition to following the Spanish Educational System from an early age to University, the school places emphasis on multilingual education, values-based education, and the integration of technology and innovation in the learning process. This institution is committed to providing quality education, focusing on the holistic development of its students.

Brains International School La Moraleja

International Schools
Address: Calle de la Salvia, 48
28019 La Moraleja, Madrid
Contact Phone: 916 50 43 00

Brains International School La Moraleja is a benchmark for international education in Madrid. Its modern facilities include spacious classrooms, a swimming pool, a climbing wall, and a grass football field. The school stands out for offering programs such as IB, PYP, MYP, and DP. Additionally, it has an innovative multisensory development program based on the Snoezelen Method. It has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School, demonstrating its commitment to educational innovation. BrainsMUN is one of its flagship initiatives, where students simulate the dynamics of the UN, promoting intercultural dialogue and problem-solving.

Everest School Monteclaro Private School

English, Catholic, and Private Bilingual School
Address: Urb. Monteclaro, Calle Rosas, s/n
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid
Contact Phone: 917 99 49 40

Everest School Monteclaro is dedicated to the comprehensive education of its students, focusing on personal guidance and academic excellence. Its main goal is to prepare students for a global world, enabling them to think rigorously and express themselves fluently in both Spanish and English. The school’s mission is to form mature and free individuals, with a strong emphasis on spiritual formation and faith experience. Located in Madrid, the school is private, Catholic, and bilingual, offering services from bilingual nursery to 2nd year of Baccalaureate.

Arturo Soria School

Educational Excellence and Academic Achievements
Address: C. Duque de Tamames, 4
28043 Madrid
Contact Phone: 914 15 72 95

Arturo Soria School is distinguished by its excellent academic results, with a high percentage of students achieving outstanding grades in university admissions. This educational institution focuses on educational innovation, promoting collaborative spaces, creativity, critical thinking, and emotional education. Furthermore, it offers happiness-based education during early childhood and is committed to charitable projects and exchange programs with foreign schools. Its “Sponsor a Reader” project is also noteworthy, as it encourages reading and interpersonal relationships among students of different ages.

Virgen de Europa School

Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, and High School Education, IB, PYP, PAI, Vocational Training
Address: Calle del, C. Valle de Sta. Ana, 1
28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid
Contact Phone: 916 33 01 55

Virgen de Europa School (CVE) is located in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, and offers comprehensive education from early childhood to high school, including Vocational Training and the renowned International Baccalaureate (IB). This private, co-educational institution takes pride in its focus on pedagogical innovation, promoting holistic and personalized education. Additionally, it provides services such as its own cafeteria, adapted transportation, psycho-pedagogical counseling, and a wide range of extracurricular activities, spanning from sports to music and dance. CVE is committed to shaping individuals who are prepared and aware for a globalized world.

Santa María del Camino School

A School Open to Life
Address: C. Peguerinos, 13
28035 Madrid
Contact Phone: 913 16 13 47

Santa María del Camino School presents itself as an educational institution open to life and the current reality. With a focus on flexibility and individual adaptation for each student, the school promotes a close and trusting education. Furthermore, it stands out for its international vision, shaping students with solid values, critical thinking, and a global perspective. It is recognized as an IB World School, offering International Baccalaureate programs such as the Diploma Program (DP), Middle Years Program (MYP), and Primary Years Program (PYP), committing to rigorous and high-quality international education.

Santa María de los Rosales School

Private Education in Madrid
Address: C. Virgen de los Rosales, 1
28023 Madrid
Contact Phone: 913 07 04 40

Santa María de los Rosales School presents itself as a leading educational institution in Madrid. It stands out for its focus on the comprehensive education of its students, promoting rigorous and creative thinking, as well as values-based education. The school offers bilingual education starting from the first year of Early Childhood Education and leverages information and communication technologies as an essential methodological tool. Additionally, it offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and places special emphasis on pedagogical innovation. Its mission is to shape responsible, independent individuals who are committed to society.

Do you have a private school in Madrid?

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Private Education

What is the main difference between a private school and a public school?

The main difference lies in funding. Public schools are funded by the government and are typically free for students, while private schools rely on student tuition fees and other private sources of income. Additionally, private schools often have greater autonomy in terms of curriculum, teaching methods, and staff selection.

Why are tuition fees at private schools often higher?

Private schools do not receive government funding, so they rely heavily on student tuition fees to cover operational costs, salaries, infrastructure, and extracurricular programs.

Do private schools offer scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, many private schools offer merit-based scholarships or financial aid to families demonstrating financial need, aiming to promote diversity and inclusion within their educational communities.

Is it common for private schools to have a religious focus?

There are private schools with a religious focus, but there are also many that are secular. It’s important to research and choose a school that aligns with the family’s values and expectations.

Do private schools have special education programs?

Yes! Many private schools offer special education programs and accommodations for students with special educational needs, ensuring an inclusive and personalized education.

What types of extracurricular activities do private schools typically offer?

Private schools often offer a wide range of activities, including sports, music, art, as well as science and technology clubs, and leadership programs.

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