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Top plastic surgeons in Madrid

We selected some of the best plastic surgeons in Madrid.
We evaluated services, prices, and, very importantly,
customer reviews published on specialized websites and Google My Business.

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Madrid

The best plastic surgeons in Madrid are not a closely guarded secret on Gran Vía; they are shining stars in the city’s medical firmament, illuminating the lives of those seeking both subtle and significant transformations. Can you imagine strolling through Retiro Park, feeling reborn, with a confidence you had only dreamed of until now? That’s what these talented doctors can offer.

From facial rejuvenation to liposuction, from rhinoplasty to breast augmentation, the services are as varied as the tapestries in the Prado Museum. And there’s no better place than Madrid to find these masters of the scalpel, as each of them has been rigorously selected based on a majority of positive reviews on their respective Google My Business profiles.

Here, quality is non-negotiable; it’s a standard held in the highest esteem. This online directory aims to guide your search toward professionals who not only master their craft but also treat you with the dignity and attention you deserve.

We have compiled all this information into this list to help you decide on which plastic surgeon to choose for your aesthetic operation, whatever it may be: Breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, gynecomastia, lift, asymmetry, reconstruction), Facial surgery and aesthetic medicine (upper lip, chin, cheek and neck, forehead and eyebrow lift, reduction of wide forehead, nose, eyelids, ears), liposuction, abdomen, arms, genital surgery, body remodeling, … And some of them are also specialized in pediatric plastic surgery (angioma, cleft lip, congenital malformations, sequelae, …).

List of the best plastic surgeons in Madrid

Dr. Antonio Díaz Gutiérrez

cirujano plástico Madrid Antonio Diíaz Gutierrez

Address: Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 84, Pl. 1ª, Pta. DCHA
28006 Madrid
Contact phone: 911 28 58 82
Doctor Antonio Díaz Gutiérrez is one of the best plastic surgeons in Madrid. He is a member of the Private Health Committee of the current Board of Directors of SECPRE and, as its representative, is Responsible for Scientific Relations with the Spanish Medicines Agency and Advisor on Breast Implants to the Spanish Ministry of Health. He attends to his patients at Hospital Madrid Nuevo Belén (Arturo Soria), HM Montepríncipe, and HM Torrelodones. He combines his private practice with his work at Hospital 12 de Octubre, where he is Coordinator of Microsurgery and Plastic Surgery in the Breast Unit.

He stands out for his specialties in breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelift, liposuction, postpartum aesthetic surgery, and other non-surgical interventions, such as fat fillers, botox wrinkle removal, facial rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid, and hyperhidrosis treatment.

Dr. Marcos Martín Díaz

doctor Marcos Martin Diaz cirujano plástico en Madrid
Address: Calle Jose Abascal 36 bajo izquierda
28003 Madrid
Contact phone: 679 92 73 12
Dr. Martín Díaz is a leader in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Madrid. He combines his private professional activity with Public Health as Head of the Plastic Surgery Department at Hospital 12 de Octubre; a recognition that demonstrates his achievements, professionalism, and dedication.
With almost 20 years of dedication, he is an expert in Breast Augmentation, Mastopexy, and Breast Reduction; Facial Aesthetic Surgery such as Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Blepharoplasty, or Otoplasty and Surgeries like Liposuction and Abdominoplasty. He stands out for using endoscopic surgery in Facelifts and, especially, for introducing the new and revolutionary VASER Liposuction technique in Madrid, achieving excellent results in body contouring (Abdominal Etching, High Definition Liposuction, Six Pack).

Clínica de Estética Vicario

Over 40 years taking care of your health
Address: Calle del Marqués del Riscal, 9, Planta Calle
28010 Madrid
Contact phone: 913 10 25 12
This clinic offers multiple solutions and techniques without the need for surgery. Among them, we find facial treatments such as Volume Enhancement: lip wrinkles + rhinomodelation + dark circles + muscle lifting. Body treatments such as localized obesity treatment, heavy legs with poor circulation, Gluteal Augmentation with Body Hyaluronic Acid, Cavitation, …

Dr. Millán Mateo

Instituto de cirugía estética
Address: Clínica Ruber, Calle del General Díaz Porlier, 78, Salamanca
28006 Madrid
Contact phone: 639 20 77 33
Dr. Millán’s Clinic in Madrid stands out for its focus on natural results in aesthetic surgery, using cutting-edge techniques and less invasive treatments. With *over 35 years of experience, it offers services such as breast augmentation, ultrasonic rhinoplasty, liposuction, and facelift, as well as advanced aesthetic medicine. The clinic guarantees the quality and safety of its procedures, supported by the reputation of Clínica Ruber. Dr. Millán Mateo, a pioneer in modern aesthetic surgery in Spain, leads a team of specialists dedicated to improving the well-being and self-confidence of their patients, offering personalized care and detailed attention from the first consultation to post-operative follow-up.

Doctora Elena Jiménez

Dra. Elena Jimenez cirujana plástica
Specialties: rhinoplasty (nose surgery), breast augmentation (with implants), breast augmentation (with implants), tuberous breasts, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), labiaplasty (female intimate surgery), gynecomastia, otoplasty (ear plastic surgery), reconstruction of earlobe holes, breast reduction, ultrasound liposuction, breast lift, abdominal correction, oncoplastic and breast reconstruction, surgical facial rejuvenation, mentoplasty and cheekbones, facial remodeling, cheekbones and chin.

Dr. Jorge Aso

Doctor Aso cirugía plástica
Specialties: breast surgery, facial surgery, body surgery, and aesthetic medicine. Within non-surgical aesthetic medicine, he specializes in wrinkle removal with botox (botulinum toxin), facial fillers with hyaluronic acid, and removal of wrinkles, spots, and other imperfections.

Dr. Martín del Yerro

Location map of the clinic: Calle Gral. Ampudia, 6
28003 Madrid
Phone: 915 35 24 02
Specialties: Breast augmentation with implants, Breast augmentation with own fat, Breast reduction, Breast lift (Mastopexy), Tuberous breast, Breast asymmetry, Breast reconstruction, Secondary surgeries, Facelift, Blepharoplasty (Eyelids), Rhinoplasty, Lipofilling, Otoplasty, Double chin, Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Leg and arm lift, Lipofilling or fat transfer, Gynecomastia, Vaginoplasty, and pediatric surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Plastic Surgery

Is plastic surgery only for aesthetics or does it also have medical applications?

To dispel myths, let’s start with an essential clarification: Plastic surgery is not limited to cosmetic procedures. This medical discipline also encompasses reconstructive surgery, which is used to correct deformities, treat burns, and perform reconstruction after cancer removals, among others. The goal is not always just to improve appearance, but also functionality and quality of life.

How long will I need to recover?

Recovery time varies widely depending on the procedure and the patient. While minor procedures like botox might allow you to resume your activities almost immediately, more complex surgeries like a facelift may require weeks of recovery. It is imperative to follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions for optimal recovery.

What should I look for in a plastic surgeon?

You should look for a surgeon who has both certification in plastic surgery and extensive experience in the procedure you desire. Make sure to review their portfolio, read reviews, and, most importantly, feel comfortable and confident during consultations. Thanks to our list, you can be assured that all plastic surgeons on the list have a majority of positive reviews and opinions left by their patients. You can check them on their respective Google My Business profiles.

What are the associated risks?

Every surgical procedure carries risks, which may include infection, scarring, and anesthesia problems. It is crucial to discuss potential risks with your surgeon to make an informed decision.

Does insurance cover plastic surgery?

Purely cosmetic surgeries are rarely covered by insurance. However, reconstructive procedures or those necessary for medical reasons may be partially or fully covered. Consult with your insurance provider for specific details.

Can multiple procedures be combined in one operation?

It is possible, but the decision should be made based on factors such as your overall health and the total time under anesthesia. Your surgeon will assess whether it is safe and effective to combine procedures.

How much does a typical procedure cost?

Costs vary greatly depending on the complexity of the procedure, geographic location, and surgeon’s experience. Do not let cost be the sole factor determining your decision. Quality and safety should be the priorities.

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