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Best pharmacies in Madrid

We select some of the best pharmacies in Madrid.
We evaluate services, prices, and, very importantly, customer reviews
published on specialized websites and on Google My Business.
If you need confidence and quality when buying parapharmacy products, whether in a trusted physical pharmacy/parapharmacy or online, you’ve come to the right place, as we have selected some of the best parapharmacies in Madrid based on user reviews that we can find on social media or Google My Business, meaning parapharmacies endorsed by the comments and reviews of their customers.

List of the best parapharmacies in Madrid

Mi Farmacia Madrid

Online Parapharmacy
Address: C/ de Francisco Silvela, 96
28002 Madrid
Contact Phone: 915 61 64 15
Mi Farmacia Madrid is an online parapharmacy that boasts the presence of three licensed pharmacists, professionals with extensive work experience who decided to put their knowledge at the service of their clients. Among the services offered, specialized advice in dermocosmetics stands out, with expertise in major brands, as well as guidance in nutrition, homeopathy, phytotherapy, and dietetics. Mi Farmacia Madrid is an online establishment with the expertise of pharmacists who can provide the best attention, as well as quality products capable of meeting all needs. A reference parapharmacy to have everything necessary in the most convenient way possible.

Parafarmacia en Madrid

Address: C. San Valero, 1
28038 Madrid
Contact Phone: 630 82 31 47

At Parafarmacia en Madrid, they aim to offer a close-knit and family-oriented business with simple and personalized service covering the needs of all their clients. Through a selection of the best parapharmacy products, Parafarmacia en Madrid aims to take care of everyone’s health. In their catalog, you can find products ranging from cosmetics, dietetics, nutrition, child care, orthopedics, etc. Among their services, they offer glucose and cholesterol analysis, professional nutrition and dietetics advice, diabetic counseling, blood pressure monitoring, prenatal counseling, and custom insole manufacturing.

Farmacia Velázquez 70

We help you maintain and improve your health and well-being
Address: Calle de Don Ramón de la Cruz, 26
28001 Madrid
Contact Phone: 914 35 13 47

Farmacia Velázquez is an online parapharmacy where you can purchase all kinds of products aimed at health care, beauty treatments, and orthopedics from the comfort of your home. Among its most interesting features, its fast delivery stands out, as its customers receive their orders in just 48 hours. Additionally, Farmacia Velázquez has its own line of products including anti-aging cosmetic creams, sunscreen spray, after sun products, and balancing tonics. Experience and professionalism at the service of all just a click away.

Farmacia Online Galileo 61

Same Day Delivery in Madrid and Surroundings
Address: C. de Galileo, 61
28015 Madrid
Contact Phone: 686 48 51 63

Galileo61 is an online parapharmacy striving to become the trusted pharmacy with all kinds of products aimed at health care. At Galileo61, they consider health a top priority and therefore offer products from top brands with the quality of the most prestigious laboratories. Additionally, they provide personalized pharmaceutical advice, making available to their clients their over 70 years of experience in the field of health care products.

Galileo61 is a business committed to sustainability, advocating for a market made up of natural products. Their work policy is based on a relationship of respect with their employees and customers, where ethics and morality always take precedence over everything else.

Farmacia Blanca

Address: Av. el Ferrol, 4
28029 Madrid
Contact Phone: 913 23 57 18

At Farmacia Blanca 24 horas, they always prioritize direct interaction and specialized advice for each customer. Therefore, Farmacia Blanca works with the best pharmaceutical laboratories such as Nutribén or Lacer, to always be at the forefront of the best products. This pharmacy provides a nutrition advice service with personalized follow-up, as well as monitoring throughout the entire diet process carried out with these professionals. Professionalism, trust, and closeness to always find the most suitable products for each case and thus achieve the best results.

What are parapharmacy products?

As mentioned earlier, parapharmacy products are items that are not medications but are consumed and used for the treatment of certain problems or to improve specific situations. These products are made available to users following the regulations established by the technical-health regulations of the various product categories on the market. Additionally, the sale of this type of product must comply with the current general regulations related to parapharmacy products.

In general, it can be said that parapharmacies sell products related to well-being, beauty, and health, excluding medications whose sale is regulated by the legislation specific to each country and can only be distributed by pharmacies.

Below are some of the products sold in parapharmacies:

  • First aid products, such as band-aids, bandages, or gauze.
  • Dietetic and food products, such as infant formula, baby food, dietary foods, or baby porridge.
  • Products for breastfeeding, such as pacifiers, teats, diapers, or bottles.
  • Products used in the treatment of lice, such as lotions or repellents.
  • Articles used in the treatment of urinary incontinence, such as diapers, urinary correctors, or pads.
  • Orthopedic articles, such as knee braces, belts, or wristbands.
  • Cosmetic products, such as creams or lotions.
  • Products for personal hygiene, such as shower gels or intimate hygiene products.

How to know if an online pharmacy is legal?

Online parapharmacies appear as one of the most convenient alternatives to acquire all kinds of products. This way, you can have access to everything a parapharmacy offers from the comfort of your home in a short period of time. But, what requirements must an online pharmacy meet to be legal?

All online pharmacies that supply products without a medical prescription must use the common logo, which is a way to verify their legality. This logo consists of a rectangle with horizontal stripes and a white cross placed in the left half, at the same height as the central stripe. The flag of the country in which the online pharmacy is registered is placed at the bottom.

When buying from an online pharmacy, it is advisable to verify the existence of this logo. By clicking on it, you can view the list of distance selling pharmacies registered with the health authority. In this list, you can check if the online pharmacy you want to buy from is registered before proceeding with the purchase. If the pharmacy is not on that list, it is advisable not to purchase anything from that establishment as it is an unregistered pharmacy.

What services does a parapharmacy offer?

Parapharmacies provide products related to well-being, skin care, hair care, etc. Additionally, they offer a series of services that are of great interest and utility.

This is the case of blood group analysis. If it is necessary to know a person’s blood group, it is possible to carry out this type of analysis at the parapharmacy.

In addition, parapharmacies offer nutritional and dietary advice. Eating disorders are an increasingly widespread reality. Many people want to take care of their appearance and decide to go on a diet. To get the best professional advice in this situation, you can contact highly qualified personnel in nutritional advice and weight control at the parapharmacy.

Another service available at the parapharmacy is cholesterol and lipid profile analysis. Through a blood test, you can assess a patient’s health status and make appropriate decisions to correct any abnormalities. At the parapharmacy, a measurement of blood cholesterol content can be performed to assess the need for a certain treatment.

Orthopedic advice is another service offered by parapharmacies. To achieve the best results when using orthopedic devices, quality advice is essential. At parapharmacies, you can get such advice, which can be a unique advantage in improving a specific injury or condition.

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