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Best personal trainers in Madrid

TOP personal trainers in Madrid

The most complete training you can get nowadays is with a personal trainer, as he/she is a professional who will prepare a customised plan according to the needs of the client. This sports professional will get you a really spectacular result and you will be able to see the results in a short time. But the important question is, Which is the best personal trainer in Madrid?

To find out we have scrutinized the market a bit by reading interviews, comments on social networks, forums and other sites, and we have been able to compile this list to know the best personal trainer in the city of Madrid and online. In this case a list as there are very good professionals.

List of personal trainers in Madrid

Mario Peña

Personal Trainer Estudio LIFE Madrid
Address: Calle del Pilar de Zaragoza, 29
28028 Madrid
Phone: 655 97 24 09

From the Salamanca district of Madrid, personal trainer Mario Peña runs the Estudiolife centre, specialising in looking after the shape and health of his clients. A team of professionals specialised in personal training, nutrition, dietetics, fitness, wellness and electro fitness, will ensure that you reach your personal goals in the most effective, healthy and safe way possible. One of their phrases “Guarantee health through physical exercise” makes it clear that we are in good hands. Named third best centre in Spain for three consecutive years.

Ivan Perujo

ivan perujo
The fitness revolution
Address: Calle Alameda, 2
28229 Villanueva del Pardillo, Madrid
Phone: 918 12 33 39

The celebrity trainer is a safe bet if we want to get in shape. His clients include Real Madrid players, singer Malú, actress María Hinojosa, Cristina Tárrega, Ilker Casillas, Marcelo Da Silva, Sergio Ramos and many more. Iván Perujo has created his own method that achieves speed, specifically works the muscles, trains all the muscles at the same time, burns fat, is effective against cellulite, reduces back pain, and is applicable to all ages. Without a doubt, a great personal trainer.

Juan Rallo

juan rallo
Online personal trainer
You may not have heard of Juan Rallo, but the names of Pablo Motos and Christian Gálvez, to name but a few, surely ring a bell. They are two of the many celebrities who have trained following his method. Now, he has transferred the celebrity fitness method to the general public, allowing anyone to get in shape and achieve the body of their dreams. You can also train with him online.

Martín Giacchetta

Boutique Gym by Martín Giacchetta
Address: Calle de Serrano, 50
28001 Madrid
Phone: 914 35 69 28

Martín is a renowned and very well known personal trainer, as well as being a graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, he is also a Triathlon Superior trainer and a specialist in nutrition. It is important to know that in addition to sport, nutrition is an essential factor in achieving our goals. He is the creator of the G method and trains and gets politicians, businessmen and artists in shape, which is why he is known as the celebrity trainer. With the G method he promises us that in 8 weeks he will completely transform our body.

Tu personal trainer

Keep your body in shape
Address: Plaza de Padrón, 8
28029 Madrid
Phone: 649 59 83 95

Depending on our lifestyle, state of health, age and other factors we may need specific training, but a personal trainer cannot master all the sports and techniques that allow you to get in shape according to your particular case. A good solution is to work with a group of professionals who will assign you the personal trainer that suits your needs. With them you can get in shape with fitball, bosu, roller, trx, exercise with dumbbells, electrostimulation, … As well as advising you on nutritional issues.

Sporti Madrid
Totalmente a medida
Calle Dr Fleming, 44
28036 Madrid
Phone 616 86 29 14

Sporti is a Personal Training Centre, which means that there is no waiting and you will be the only user in the facilities when you do your training. Their personal trainers make a training plan adapted to each person, and using the most advanced exercise technology they carry out acceleration, training, suspension training, functional training, metabolic training and interval training sessions.

Rubén Valiente

entrenador madrid – Ruben Valiente is the trainer we all wish we had. Whatever your favourite sport, he will teach you routines and exercises to get in shape easily. Basketball, muscle toning, swimming, outdoor training, cardio fitness, yoga, … According to the needs of each client, Ruben Valiente will create a training routine with which you will not get bored and you will notice results in a short time.

Are you a personal trainer or do you have a training centre in Madrid?

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