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Best notaries in the city of Madrid

Notarial offices in Madrid

The best notaries in Madrid are waiting for you, but do you know what secrets the streets of Gran Vía or the corners of the Barrio de Salamanca hide? They are not only witnesses to stories and legends but also to the most prestigious notarial offices in the city. In this online directory, we have compiled for you those who stand out not only for their professionalism and experience but also for the quality of their services. Whether it’s authenticating a document, conducting a real estate transaction, or any other legal procedure, these notaries are the perfect choice.

And we don’t say this lightly. Each notary listed here has been carefully selected based on the positive reviews on their Google My Business profiles. Thus, we guarantee that you are in the hands of the most recommended by the people of Madrid. Ready to discover Madrid’s legal guardians? Keep reading and find out why they are the choice of those seeking security, trust, and efficiency in their procedures.

List of the best notaries in Madrid

Notaría Juan Kutz

Youthful and dynamic team, proficient in languages
Address: Calle Velázquez, 112, 3rd floor
28006 Madrid
Contact phone: 915 63 29 54

The notary office of Juan Kutz Azqueta, located in Madrid, is a reference in the field of notarial work. This notary office is part of the International Union of Latin Notaries and ensures transaction security for individuals. Juan Kutz, besides being a notary, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Illustrious Notarial College of Madrid. Regarding its specialties, the notary office excels in areas such as Real Estate Transactions, Notarial Deeds, Donations, Powers of Attorney, and Wills, Mortgages and Mortgage Cancellations, Companies, and other procedures related to civil and commercial law. It is essential to highlight that the notary, as a legal professional, has the mission to advise and counsel on the most suitable legal means to achieve the lawful objectives of their clients.

Almoguera Notario

Calidad y trato
Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 140
28046 Madrid
Contact Phone: 915 64 36 92
The Almoguera Notary in Madrid, led by Mr. Ángel Almoguera, offers personalized advice with extensive experience. It is characterized by managing the needs of its clients closely and efficiently, guaranteeing the quality and safety of its services at all times. Among the highlighted services are the preparation of public instruments, public deeds, policies, minutes, notarial testimonies, and legalizations, as well as notarial copies. Additionally, the notary office is composed of highly qualified professionals in legal matters, ensuring the legality of documents and acts within the scope of private law.

Notaría D. Luis Garay Cuadros

Located in the center of Madrid
Address: Calle de Alcalá, 18
28014 Madrid
Contact Phone: 915 32 29 09
The Notary Mr. Luis Garay Cuadros is located in the center of Madrid and offers a guarantee of legitimacy and security in various notarial procedures. Among its services, it stands out for managing testaments, marriage settlements, inheritances, declaration of heirs, property deeds, buying and selling, powers of attorney, minutes, mortgage loans, and companies. Additionally, they emphasize their proximity to the client and honesty in all their procedures. For greater convenience, they have an extensive schedule for both morning and afternoon appointments.

Notaria Pérez Yuste

Professionalism and Personalized Service
Address: Ronda de Valencia, 9
28012 Madrid
Contact Phone: 915 28 24 06
The best solutions for a wide variety of legal proceedings. Advice and granting of public faith to all types of legitimate documents drafted in accordance with the law.

Notaria Madridejos – Tena

El Pilar Neighborhood, Fuencarral-El Pardo District
Address: C. de Francisco de Rojas, 10
28010 Madrid
Contact Phone: 914 47 81 82
Website: Website
The Madridejos – Tena Notary is located in the Chamberí neighborhood in Madrid. It is a notary accessible for people with reduced mobility. The notaries, members of the Illustrious College of Madrid, are José María Madridejos Fernández, Alfonso Madridejos Fernández, and Rodrigo Tena Arregui. They are backed by a large team of professionals who offer preventive legal security and impartial and high-quality advice. Additionally, with the help of new technologies, they are able to carry out online procedures for the convenience and safety of their clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions related to visiting the notary and legal procedures of notaries

Why is it necessary to visit a notary for certain procedures?

The notary is a legal professional who ensures legality and authenticity of documents. Their intervention provides legal certainty and prevents potential legal conflicts in the future.

Can I choose any notary or do I have to go to the one closest to my address?

You have freedom of choice! You can visit any notary in the country, regardless of your place of residence or where the act or contract will be performed.

How long does it take to obtain a notarial document?

The time varies depending on the procedure. However, most documents can be obtained in a few days after signing before the notary.

Is it expensive to visit the notary?

Notaries have regulated fees set by the State. The cost will depend on the type of document and its complexity, but you will always have the assurance of a fair price.

What should I bring to the notary?

It depends on the procedure. Generally, you will need your identification document and the documentation related to the act or contract to be performed.

Can a notary provide legal advice?

Yes, the notary can offer impartial advice on the act or contract you are going to perform, ensuring that your rights are protected.

What if I can’t personally go to the notary?

In exceptional cases, you can grant a notarial power of attorney to another person to act on your behalf. However, it is essential to consult the notary about this option.

Are the procedures carried out before a notary confidential?

Absolutely. Notaries guarantee the confidentiality of all acts and contracts they authorize, protecting your privacy at all times.

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