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The best lawyers in Madrid

Law offices and law firms in Madrid

Madrid has excellent law firms, and it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs. We have analyzed the most reputable law firms in the capital based on the opinions of their clients and other professional opinions, and have prepared a ranking for you to choose the one that best suits your legal requirements.

List of law firms and law offices in Madrid

Ospina Abogados

abogados penalistas en Madrid
Rated as one of the best criminal law firms in Spain located in Madrid.
How to get to the office and customer feedback:
Calle del Gral Oraá, 29, 1º Izquierda
28006 Madrid
24-hour telephone: 643 647 677911 57 37 28
Criminal lawyers in Madrid. Valued as one of the best law firms in criminal and economic criminal law; endorsed by its legal successes in cassation appeals in the Supreme Court, or extradition proceedings in the Audiencia Nacional. Specialized in fraud, misappropriation or tax crimes. Professional team formed by criminal lawyers Juan Gonzalo Ospina and Beatriz Uriarte Arreba, regular collaborators on television, and as professors of criminal law at the university.

Allende Abogados

allende abogados Madrid
More than 20 years providing professional legal services
How to get to the office: Calle del Gral. Castaños, 13
28004 Madrid
Phone 910 05 39 15
Specialists in real estate law, mortgage law (mortgage expenses, floor clause, multi-currency mortgages), criminal law, civil law, commercial law, labor lawyers, traffic accidents, medical licenses, debts and non-payments, speedy alcohol trials, inheritance and successions, family lawyers, matrimonial lawyers and divorces, among other specialties.

Rodenas Abogados

Rodenas Abogados Madrid
Legal Services
How to get to the office: Paseo de la Castellana, 179, 1 º C
28046 Madrid
Phone 910 82 94 48
Rodenas Abogados is one of the leading law firms located in Madrid. Great professional and human team.

We specialize in all areas of law. 360 degree legal advice to individuals and companies, SMEs, freelancers and startups. Dismissals, family, divorce, real estate, quantity claims, commercial and criminal.

We offer a personalized service to make you feel unique in each part of the process and exceed your expectations.

Abogados Madrid Legal

We believe in your interests
How to get to the office: Calle de Serrano, 93
28006 Madrid
Phone 911 69 78 74
They work in the civil field (divorce, inheritance, evictions), commercial, labor, administrative, criminal and banking (floor clause, elimination of IRPH, bankruptcy, refund of mortgage expenses).

MG Legal Abogados

25 years of experience behind us
How to get to the office: Plaza Alonso Martínez, 6
28004 Madrid
Phone 913 19 72 19
This law firm, thanks to its team specialized in different areas of law, works in: crimes against road safety, crimes against public health, crimes against persons, crimes against gender and domestic violence, crimes for alcoholic beverages, speedy trials, injuries, homicide and murder,
crimes against public health, crimes against persons, crimes of gender and domestic violence, alcohol crimes, speedy trials, injuries, homicide and murder, traffic accidents, accidents at work, accidents in public places or organizations, professional negligence, marital separations and divorces by mutual agreement, matrimonial separations and contentious divorces, provisional measures in separation or divorce, modification of measures, judicial incapacitation and guardianship, evictions for lack of payment, inheritance and succession, claims for payment, contracts and documents, labor, commercial and administrative law.

Debelare Abogados

Quality advocacy
Calle de Maudes, 8 Piso 5º, Letra B
28003 Madrid
Law firm founded by Pablo Espinosa and Miguel Antón, specialized, together with his team, in the fields of matrimonial law, modification of measures, shared custody, labor law (dismissals, mobbing), criminal law (cancellation of criminal and police records), inheritance, legal services for companies.

Ius & Lex Abogados

Law Firm in Madrid
Calle Ruiz de Alarcón, 14
28014 Madrid
The specialties of this law firm are divided into four main areas: criminal law (24-hour assistance to detainees, crimes), banking claims (ground clause claim, mortgage expenses claim, IRPH claim), labor law (objective dismissal, disciplinary dismissal, fair dismissal, labor audit, severance pay) and civil law (divorce, inheritance, accidents and compensation for accidents).

Do you have a law firm in Madrid?

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