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Best lawyers in Madrid

Law offices and law firms in Madrid

Discover the best law firms in Madrid through our exclusive online directory. We have compiled a selection of renowned legal offices located in the Spanish capital, from the financial heart to the vicinity of the iconic Puerta del Sol.

Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the most outstanding legal professionals in Madrid appear on our list, based on positive Google Maps reviews and their solid reputation in the field of law. From highly qualified small law firms to large international law offices.

Whether you need advice in commercial, labor, tax, or civil law, you will find trusted legal experts to represent your interests. Explore our directory and connect with specialized attorneys who will provide the necessary legal expertise to successfully resolve your personal or business legal matters in the Madrid metropolis.

law firm Madrid

List of law firms and law offices in Madrid

Ospina Abogados

abogados penalistas en Madrid
Rated as one of the best criminal law firms in Spain located in Madrid.
Address: Calle del Gral Oraá, 29, 1º Izquierda
28006 Madrid
24-hour telephone: 643 647 677911 57 37 28
Ospina Abogados is a leading law firm in Madrid specializing in Criminal Law. With a highly skilled team, their expertise spans economic crimes, gender violence, sexual offenses, and extraditions. They are known for their personalized attention and high success rate, with over 97% in accredited cases. Ospina Abogados’ attorneys handle cases from police detention to provisional imprisonment, providing exceptional courtroom representation. Moreover, their partners actively participate in conferences and media, reaffirming their commitment to legal excellence.

Allende Abogados

allende abogados Madrid
More than 20 years providing professional legal services
Address: Calle del Gral. Castaños, 13
28004 Madrid
Phone: 910 05 39 15
Allende Abogados is a legal firm in Madrid that offers a wide range of legal services. Specializing in Criminal Law, they handle complex cases throughout Spain. They also excel in Labor and Employment Law, covering everything from permanent disabilities to dismissals and workplace accidents. Additionally, they are experts in Mortgage Law, managing claims and mortgage nullities. Their team addresses Family Law and Divorces, providing solutions for separations and custody matters. With multiple offices in the Community of Madrid, they provide a close and professional service in all branches of law.

Català Reinón Abogados

lawyers Madrid Català Reinón
Over 30 Years of Experience
Address: C. de Velázquez, 27, 1st Floor Left Exterior
28001 Madrid
Contact Phone: 900 707 707
Català Reinón Abogados is a prestigious law firm in Madrid with over 30 years of experience. They offer comprehensive services in all branches of law, adapting to the specific needs of each client. Their team of highly qualified professionals ensures personalized and effective legal strategies. They excel in areas such as Criminal Law, Labor Law, Real Estate Law, and Family Law, providing a close and transparent approach. Català Reinón Abogados is committed to achieving set objectives, acting with rigor and professionalism across all legal domains.

Rodenas Abogados

Ródenas abogados Madrid
Over 30 Years of Experience
Address: Calle de Fernández de la Hoz, 76, bajo E
28003 Madrid
Contact Phone: 910 82 94 48665 49 23 96
Our law firm is located at Calle Fernández de la Hoz, 76, bajo E, in the Almagro neighborhood of Madrid. Rodenas Abogados is a law firm specialized in the main areas of criminal, labor, administrative, commercial, and real estate law.
We have extensive experience in litigation and corporate advisory for individuals, companies, and self-employed professionals.
Some of our most frequent services include:
Dismissals, Inheritances, Construction defects, Claims, Crimes, Contesting medical discharges, Negligence due to malpractice, Tax and accounting consultancy.
Our utmost priority is to look out for your well-being and that of your family, to provide a personal approach, and to offer legal solutions tailored to your needs. FIRST FREE CONSULTATION.

Bufete G. Elías y Muñoz Abogados

bufete elias muñoz abogados Madrid
Over 25 Years of Experience
Address: C. de Orense, 48, local, Tetuán, 28020 Madrid
Contact Phone: 915 71 17 87
Founded in 1994, the firm is composed of a team of 15 highly renowned professionals. With over 25 years of experience, they specialize in civil law, business law, family law, labor law, commercial law, and criminal law.

Lawyers of Assurance and Success, with a 95% Case Winning Rate.

Legal Services: ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File), Labor Law, Family Law, Civil Law, Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Traffic Accidents, Claims for Amounts and Unpaid Debts, Compensation, Construction Defects, Real Estate Law, Judicial Procedures, Tax and Labor Consulting, Data Protection, etc.


International firm of legal and tax services for businesses
Address: C. de Hermosilla, 3, Salamanca
28001 Madrid
Contact phone: 915 14 52 00
The Garrigues office in Madrid is the corporate headquarters of the firm, founded in 1941. It boasts a team of over four hundred professionals specialized in all areas of business law. They provide comprehensive legal advice to national and international clients, covering all economic sectors. The combination of their strong team in Madrid with over a thousand professionals across their other thirty global offices enables them to handle large-scale cross-border operations and matters. Garrigues is distinguished by its high ethical and quality standards in all its services.

Uría Ménendez

<Client-centered approach in our activities
Address: C. del Príncipe de Vergara, 187, Chamartín
28002 Madrid
Contact phone: 915 86 04 00
Uría Menéndez in Madrid is a leading firm in the legal field. They provide comprehensive legal advice in all areas of law, serving national and international clients. Their team, consisting of over 200 lawyers, specializes in sectors such as Corporate, Tax, and Employment Law. They are known for their multidisciplinary approach and ability to handle complex and cross-border matters. Uría Menéndez combines professional excellence and high ethical standards, ensuring effective and personalized legal solutions for each client. Their commitment to quality and legal innovation positions them as market leaders.

CCS Abogados

A firm built on experience
P.º de la Castellana, 59, Chamberí
28046 Madrid
Contact phone: 910 88 80 00
CCS Abogados in Madrid, located at Paseo de La Castellana, No. 59, boasts over 80 professionals led by its partners. The team includes professors, university lecturers, former ministers, and recognized experts in various areas of public and private law. They stand out for their innovation and continuous improvement in client service, supported by deep technical and legal knowledge. Experience, proximity, and personalized attention are fundamental pillars of their approach. CCS Abogados works tirelessly to deliver excellent legal service, committed to continuous education and client satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions related to hiring a law firm in Madrid

How can I find a lawyer specializing in business law in Madrid?

To find a lawyer specializing in business law in Madrid, start by searching online legal directories or seeking recommendations from other business owners. Verify the credentials and experience of the lawyers, and schedule initial consultations to discuss your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to ask about their experience in cases similar to yours!

What should I consider when hiring a law firm for international tax matters?

When hiring a firm for international tax matters, look for experience in international tax treaties and knowledge of tax laws in the involved countries. Consider the firm’s reputation, international network, and ability to communicate in multiple languages. Have they handled cases similar to yours? Practical experience is crucial in this complex field.

What are the benefits of hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Madrid?

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Madrid provides expert legal protection and deep knowledge of the local judicial system. These professionals can negotiate with prosecutors, prepare a strong defense, and guide you through the judicial process. Their experience can make the difference between conviction, acquittal, or a significant reduction in penalties.

How can I ensure that a law firm in Madrid can handle complex labor law cases?

To ensure that a firm can handle complex labor law cases, investigate their track record of success in similar cases and inquire about their approach to resolving labor disputes. A good firm should be able to clearly explain applicable labor laws and offer strategies for your specific case. Wouldn’t it be great to find a lawyer who truly understands the complexities of your employment situation?

What should I expect in the first consultation with a divorce lawyer in Madrid?

In the first consultation with a divorce lawyer, expect to discuss details of your marital situation, shared assets, and any issues regarding child custody. The lawyer should explain the divorce process in Spain and potential strategies for your case. Prepare to be honest and open to receive the best possible advice!

How can law firms in Madrid help foreign companies establish themselves in Spain?

Law firms in Madrid can guide foreign companies through the establishment process, from legal incorporation to obtaining necessary permits and licenses. They offer advice on optimal corporate structures, local regulations, and tax obligations. Their knowledge of the local market is invaluable for navigating the Spanish business environment.

What specific services do tax lawyers in Madrid offer?

Tax lawyers in Madrid offer services ranging from strategic tax planning to representation in tax audits and litigation. They can assist with tax optimization, compliance, advice on business transactions, and resolving disputes with tax authorities. Their goal is to maximize tax efficiency within the legal framework.

How can I verify the reputation and credentials of a law firm in Madrid?

To verify the reputation and credentials of a law firm, check with the Madrid Bar Association, read online reviews, and request references from previous clients. Investigate notable cases they have handled and verify the academic and professional credentials of the lead attorneys. Consider scheduling an initial meeting to assess their professionalism and experience firsthand.

What should I look for in a lawyer specializing in international business law in Madrid?

In a lawyer specializing in international business law, look for experience in cross-border transactions, knowledge of international commercial laws, and negotiation skills in multicultural contexts. They should have an international network and proficiency in multiple languages. The ability to navigate complex international regulations is essential.

How long does it typically take to resolve a labor case with a law firm in Madrid?

The time to resolve a labor case can vary significantly, but typically, cases can last from 3 to 12 months, depending on complexity and whether it goes to trial. Experienced firms often seek efficient resolutions, such as mediations or out-of-court settlements, to save time and costs. Duration also depends on the workload of labor courts.

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