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Best consultancies in Madrid

Consultancy firms in Madrid

Tax, self-employed, administrative, online and employment agencies in Madrid

Tax consultancy, accountancy, labour consultancy, legal consultancy, consultancy for the self-employed (with the possibility of flat rates), tax returns, inheritance, purchase and sale of homes, transfer of vehicles, civil registry, commercial registry, social security, procedures with the tax authorities, domiciliation of companies, … All these are just some of the possible services that can be offered by the gestorías in Madrid, either in person or the increasingly popular online consultancy service.

We have searched the capital for some of the best consultancies in the city based on several factors, such as opinions on social networks, services, cheap prices (the best quality/price ratio), … and we have made a list for you to find the best manager for your company, for your personal affairs or as a freelancer.

List of the best agencies in Madrid

Català Reinón

abogados Madrid Català Reinón
Over 30 Years of Experience
Address: C. de Velázquez, 27, 1st Floor Left Exterior
28001 Madrid
Contact Phone: 900 707 707
Since 1993, we have been providing comprehensive advice to companies, self-employed individuals, and various organizations. We are known for our friendliness, professionalism, and transparency while always maintaining the required confidentiality. Our team of experts includes qualified managers, tax and financial advisors, accountants, finance specialists, labor lawyers, and corporate law experts. This strong team has allowed us to earn the trust of our clients over the years. Thanks to our team, your business will comply with regulations, avoid problems, and be able to focus entirely on your core activities without worrying about administrative matters.

Gestoría eMadrid

Specialists in Self-Employed Professionals
Address: Calle Gral. Álvarez de Castro, 41
28010 Madrid
Contact Phone: 914 45 86 32

We specialize in providing services for self-employed individuals. Our services cover a wide range of areas including tax advisory for self-employed individuals (dependent self-employed, assistance for new self-employed, registration and deregistration with the tax agency), labor advisory (employment advice, requesting work history records, maternity benefits, domestic workers), accounting advisory, corporate tax advisory (company formation, association formation, express limited liability company formation), legal services, tax agency matters (tax agency registration, VAT deferral, change of address, contractor-subcontractor certification, tax compliance certification, digital certification, general partnership formation, property transfer tax, income tax form 111, income tax form 130, VAT form 303, form 184, form 347, property transfer tax form 600, form 151, form 720, non-resident tax form 210, tax inspection assistance, tax deferral, ROI registration and deregistration, quarterly tax self-assessment, annual summaries, backdated accounting, online submission, non-resident taxes, non-resident inheritance taxes, inheritance tax), income tax declaration, commercial registry (change of corporate registered address, annual account filing, account updates, company relocation, company dissolution, company name registration, account legalization, certificate of habitability), and property registry (certificate of habitability, property ownership certificate).

Administrative Management: Legalizations, central civil registry, traffic management, specialized services, trademark registration, opening licenses, health registrations, company domiciliation, Social Security, energy certification, franchise advisory, franchise service registration, and more.

Gestoría Administrativa FGM

Tax – Labor – Accounting – Legal
Address: Calle de Cartagena, 14
28028 Madrid
Contact Phone: 689 30 43 48

Business Advisory Services: Tax advisory, labor advisory, accounting advisory, legal advisory, tax agency matters, commercial registry, data protection, occupational risk prevention, maternity benefits, self-employed trade, work history records request.

Administrative Management Services: Document legalization, central civil registry, vehicle management, income tax declaration, domestic workers, criminal record certificate, publication in BOE and BORME (official gazettes), rental contracts, other services we provide, nationality and immigration, electronic signature, certificate of last wills and testaments.

Gestoría Gesys

Address: C/ Serrano 93, 2nd Floor
28006 Madrid
Contact Phone: 912 02 83 28

Gesys Management is a consulting company committed to assisting its clients in their growth. They provide comprehensive business advisory services, from establishment to organization. They also offer consultancy services for self-employed individuals, leveraging the expertise of licensed professionals dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve success. Additionally, property management is another service provided by this company.

UMA Asesores

Address: Calle del Dr. Esquerdo, 28
28028 Madrid
Contact Phone: 914 01 25 69

UMA Advisors-Gestoría specializes in handling traffic procedures, inheritances, civil registry matters, and deeds. They also provide foreign document legalization services. This advisory benefits from collaborations with other professional firms, offering a significant advantage by enabling cost-effective processing of necessary procedures. Additionally, they offer online management services for clients who prefer remote assistance.

Gestoría Pradilla

Quality Service Has a Name
Address: Av. del General Perón, 14
28020 Madrid
Contact Phone: 915 72 19 71

Since 1969, they have been providing high-quality services to the automotive industry. They specialize in managing various types of procedures for both individuals and businesses, offering excellent consultancy and assistance services at all levels. Their team consists of highly qualified technicians with extensive experience in the field. One of the cornerstones of their philosophy is investing in knowledge, as having the most up-to-date information on current regulations is essential for providing the best advice.

Gestoría Rueda

Grupo Rueda
Address: C. de Orense, 36
28020 Madrid
Contact Phone: 917 70 41 85

Rueda Advisory offers completely personalized and free advice on matters related to traffic. Services such as vehicle insurance contracts, car purchase advice, and more are part of their offerings. Additionally, they provide inheritance processing services, managing the entire process from start to finish, taking into account each family’s unique circumstances and adapting to each situation. A team of highly qualified professionals is at the service of their clients to achieve the best possible results.

GD Asesoría Madrid

Business Advisory in Madrid
Address: C. de Velázquez, 64, 4th Floor
28001 Madrid
Contact Phone: 915 24 71 50

GD Advisory is a Madrid-based consultancy where you can find assistance for the processing, management, and advice on all the daily matters of businesses and individuals. Their consultants enable continuous development of their clients’ activities, ensuring a stable path in the legal, fiscal, and labor domains. This consultancy employs various software solutions that facilitate internal communication, reduce costs, and optimize payroll processes. They offer a customizable portal where all the key elements a company needs can be found.

Do you have an agency in Madrid?

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