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Top cleaning companies in Madrid

Home, community, office, and industrial cleaning services

The best cleaning companies in Madrid are just around the corner, but do you know what the secret behind their success is? In the city that never sleeps, where the Puerta del Sol shines with unparalleled splendor, cleanliness and order are essential to keep the magic alive. In this online directory, we have compiled for you those companies that not only offer high-quality cleaning services, but also stand out for their commitment and professionalism. From house cleaning to office and commercial cleaning, these companies are the preferred choice of many Madrileños. And it’s not just our word, but their reputation is backed by a majority of positive reviews on their Google Maps listings. So, if you’re looking for the best professionals to make your space shine like the Royal Palace itself, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading and discover why these companies are the number one choice in Madrid.

cleaning companies in Madrid

List of cleaning companies in Madrid

GAO Servicios

Optimizing your service, optimizing your costs
Address: Calle Impresores, 20
28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid
Phone: 664 60 46 83
At GAO Servicios, we boast a track record of over 15 years in the Facility sector. Our operational area covers the entire Community of Madrid, including business centers, educational institutions, residential communities, among others. We focus on continuously improving our services through the integration of advanced technologies such as automation and robotics, always after conducting a detailed analysis of the specific needs of each location. This strategy enables us to provide a significant cost reduction to our clients in the medium and long term.

Anfe Servicios

Optimizing your service, optimizing your costs
Address: C/ Diseño, 16, bloque 3, nave 11
28906 Getafe – Madrid
Phone: 689 83 98 20
Limpieza y Desinfección ANFE is a company specialized in professional cleaning and disinfection services for communities and businesses in Madrid. With over 24 years of experience, they ensure the optimal maintenance of spaces, guaranteeing clean, safe, and germ-free environments. In addition to general cleaning, they offer specific concierge and maintenance services, adapting to the detailed needs of each client. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of their work.

Limpiezas Limcon

We travel where you need us
Address: C. de Elfo, 4
28027 Madrid
Phone: 914 05 55 35
Limcon S.A. offers a wide range of cleaning services for businesses, communities, and other spaces in Madrid, specializing in office, community, and gym cleaning. With over 40 years of experience, this company adapts to the scheduling needs of its clients, minimizing inconvenience and ensuring consistently impeccable spaces. They strive for customer satisfaction, employing the most advanced techniques and high-quality products for each service, ensuring optimal results and healthy, pleasant environments.

Interdomicilio Servicio Doméstico

One call, a world of services
Address: C. de Cristóbal Bordiú, 35, 5th floor, office 508
28003 Madrid
Phone: 910 80 82 92
Interdomicilio specializes in a wide range of domestic services, including cleaning, elderly care, and home repairs. With over 14 years of experience, this company has served more than 100,000 families, demonstrating its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each household. They stand out for their quick response and flexibility, ensuring not only quality but also the peace of mind and comfort of their clients, supported by liability insurance that underscores their commitment to safety and trust.

Limpiezas Serlimp

Forget about cleaning, we are professionals
Address: C. de Federico Moreno Torroba, 9
28007 Madrid
Phone: 914 33 43 54
Serlimp offers a wide variety of professional cleaning services in Madrid, including office cleaning, residential communities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, commercial spaces, and more. They specialize in regular maintenance cleaning as well as one-time cleanings for post-construction or inauguration events. They stand out for their focus on quality and personalized service, ensuring impeccable facilities for their clients.

Aqua Limpieza Fácil

Specialized Company in Cleaning and Services
Address: C. de Gascueña, 22
28022 Madrid
Phone: 652 10 40 00
Limpieza Fácil stands out in the Madrid market for its wide range of cleaning and maintenance services for businesses, communities, and households. The company places special emphasis on ecological and efficient solutions, using biodegradable products and nanotechnology to protect surfaces. In addition to routine cleanings, they offer specialized services such as graffiti removal, high-rise work, and emergency management. They are distinguished by their commitment to quality and a personalized approach for each client, ensuring the best service experience.


Cleaning Company in Madrid
Address: C. de Gascueña, 22
Phone: 902 11 44 55
Limpiezas Castor in Madrid offers a variety of cleaning services for different sectors. They specialize in office cleaning, hotels, communities, and industrial spaces, ensuring clean and safe environments. They stand out for their focus on hygiene and well-being of space users, such as students in schools and workers in factories, ensuring consistent quality and an environment conducive to productivity and comfort.

Empresas Termy

A Quality Alternative
Address: C. de Carabelos, 25
28041 Madrid
Phone: 626 49 15 49
Limpiezas Termy establishes itself as a benchmark in the cleaning sector in Madrid, offering comprehensive services tailored to the needs of each client. With over 25 years of experience, this company stands out for its commitment to excellence, using cutting-edge methods and technology to ensure clean and safe environments. Their services include office cleaning, community cleaning, hotel cleaning, and industrial space cleaning, focusing on surpassing expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction in every service.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Cleaning Companies

What sets a professional cleaning company apart from a regular domestic service?

A professional cleaning company has specialized equipment and industrial-grade products, whereas a regular domestic service may not have access to these resources. Additionally, professional companies provide ongoing training to their staff and adhere to specific safety regulations.

Is it safe to grant access to my property to cleaning teams?

Reputable cleaning companies conduct thorough background checks on their staff and offer guarantees of confidentiality and security. Additionally, they often have liability insurance covering any eventualities.

What kind of products do they use for cleaning?

Professional companies opt for ecological and biodegradable products, which not only ensure deep cleaning but are also environmentally friendly and safe for people.

Do they offer cleaning services for industrial businesses?

Yes, many cleaning companies offer specialized services for industrial environments, using machinery and specific products to ensure proper and safe cleaning in these spaces.

How often is a deep cleaning recommended in offices?

A deep cleaning is recommended at least once a month. However, depending on the traffic and activity, some offices may require more frequent services to maintain a hygienic and presentable environment.

Can I hire a cleaning service for just one day or a specific event?

Absolutely! Many companies offer one-time cleaning services for events or specific needs, always ensuring an impeccable result.

What if I’m not satisfied with the service provided?

Professional cleaning companies value customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the service, it’s important to communicate it so they can rectify and adapt to your needs.

Is it more expensive to hire a cleaning company than an individual?

While it may seem that a company has higher rates, they offer guarantees, insurance, and professionalized service. In the long run, investing in a professional service can be more efficient and cost-effective.

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